Global expertise in solar

Global experience


VEL Energy and its affiliates have executed and financed renewable energy projects worldwide

Guaranteed performance


VEL's management team has decades of combined experience in U.S. and global energy business.  Each project comes with our performance guarantee, whereby we voluntarily offer a penalty if we fail to deliver as promised

Born in the U.S.A.


As a proud American company, VEL Energy exclusively sources U.S. made equipment and utilizes only the best available U.S. technology

Utility-Scale Solar

Utility-scale developer


 Our solar facilities are sited in regions with proven or emerging markets for clean energy. We partner with landowners, communities, utility companies, development partners, and local vendors to site, develop, and underwrite projects through our in-house finance team and committed funding from our trusted investor network

Experienced team


 Led by an experienced executive team, VEL develops, finances, constructs and operates solar farms that provide communities with affordable energy, new revenue streams, and jobs

Community commitment


 VEL is committed to the communities we serve. Fostering initiatives including sponsoring workforce development programs and planting pollinator habitats at our solar projects, VEL strives to be a good neighbor and give back to the communities where our projects are located

Leverage its experience


VEL commits to on-time and on-budget projects to the nation’s largest utilities. It continues to build on its unmatched performance of safe and efficient construction of solar projects

Efficient project execution

Site identification

 Once a site has been identified as a potential location for solar development, we work with the landowners on leases or purchase agreements. 

Planning and design

 Planning a site involves a great deal of due diligence, from surveys and environmental impact reports, to engineering and zoning research and applications. Environmental and cultural studies, utility interconnection, and commercial agreements to sell the power are all major milestones that must be achieved before construction can begin. 

Preparation for construction

 Preparing a solar farm for construction is typically the work of the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction group. The EPC team creates civil, electrical and structural plan and orders the necessary equipment. Once in construction, the team oversees contractor hiring, schedules and budget. 

Testing and commissioning

 After construction, the system’s electrical components are reviewed, tested and commissioned for use. Upon approval of necessary systems, a site is energized and extensive performance testing is completed. 

Operations, maintenance

 Once a site is up and running, Operations and Maintenance oversees site performance and regular maintenance. Solar farms typically produce energy for 40 years or more. 


In all stages, VEL acts in partnership with its stakeholders, government entities, landowners, offtakers and distribution companies

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